Presenter & Poster Guideline

For Presenters/Posters


The program is posted on the website, please check your travel plans.  If there is any risk that you might have travel complications, please let the Program Committee Chair/General Chair know ASAP!

Each oral presentation will be allowed 20/10 (long/short) minutes for presentation, questions, and clarifications.  Watch for an email from your session chair and send them a short bio so that they can introduce you.  You can assume that your title slide will be on the screen and the chair will say your title and name so you should begin with your first content slide.

There will be a conference laptop for presentations.  Please put your talk on a thumb drive or have a URL at the ready so that your presentation can be stored locally in advance.  If your talk has special requirements or you absolutely must use your laptop, let the chairs know.  We will move your talk, if necessary.


The conference will provide easels, 48” x 36” poster foamboards, and push pins/clips for the posters.  You need to bring your poster!  The hotel/conference does not have the ability to print posters! The closest commercial places are FedEx and UPS:

  1. FedEx printing service:
  2. UPS printing:

Poster printing size: A0, 42″ tall x 36″ wide.