Demo Night 2023

The FCCM 2022 Demo Night is a show-and-tell event, held on Tuesday, May 9. All conference attendees are invited to the Demo Night to mingle and share knowledge in an informal setting. Demonstrations may include system designs, platforms, tools, and more. 

The Demo Night is a great opportunity for representatives of the most prominent industries in the field to meet with the leading FCCM researchers, which might include prospective customers or potential future employees. This event is also an excellent occasion for academic researchers to increase their visibility, demonstrate their latest work, show how to use open-source software or building blocks, and receive early feedback on their work in progress.  

Demo Night Program
5:30 โ€“ 7:30 PM

Regular Demos

Title Authors
SpeakHDL โ€“ A Practical FPGA Design Tool using native VHDL Dr. Clarence Y. Weston, Donte Lowery, SpeakHDL
Verify-and-Retryable MTJ-based Nonvolatile Flip-Flops on Multi-Context CGRA Aika Kamei, Hideharu Amano, Keio University, Japan
SQL2FPGA Demo: Automatic Acceleration of SQL Query Processing on Modern CPU-FPGA Platforms Alec Lu, Zhenman Fang, Simon Fraser University, Canada
400G Packet Parsing on an FPGA-Based SmartNIC Daniel Kondys, CESNET, Czech Republic
A cloud-based infrastructure for post-quantum cryptography side-channel attack analysis Miaoqing Huang, University of Arkansas
GNN-based SAR Automatic Target Recognition on Data-center Scale FPGA Bingyi Zhang, USC
Vector Systolic Array Generator to Accelerate CNNs on FPGA Raghava S N, IIITB, India
Qubic: Open-source Quantum Control System on Reconfigurable Hardware Abhi Rajagopala, LLBL
LightningSim, A Fast and Accurate Trace-Based Simulator for High-Level Synthesis Rishov R Sarkar, Georgia Tech
Edge-MoE, A Memory-Efficient Multi-Task Mixture-of-Experts Transformer Accelerator Rishov R Sarkar, Georgia Tech
PhiGent Stereo Vision on Versal FPGA Yeyong, PhiGent

Sponsor Demos

Title Contact
Mango Boost demo Gabriel Weisz
HDMI Streaming Object Detection and Image Classification Demo on Intel Arria 10 SoC Developer Kit using FPGA AI Suite Gildas Genest
Hardware acceleration using the Nios V/g Processor Shreya Mehrotra
Intel FPGA Remote Laboratories for training and education Estelle Kao
Intel OFS implementation on Stratix 10 John Tio
Alveoโ„ข V70 Mipsology: High-Density Real-Time AI People/Object Detection Naveen Purushotham
KRIA KV260 NLP SmartVision Naveen Purushotham