AMD Tutorial

AMDโ€™s Ryzen AI Development Tool Flow Hands-on Tutorial

Organizer: Andrew Schmidt (AMD University Program)


In this tutorial we will describe the AMD machine learning solutions with the Ryzen AIโ„ข platform, discuss the Neural Processing Units (NPUs), and present Riallto, an open-source exploration framework for first time users of the NPU developed by teams from the AMD Research and Advanced Development group and the AMD University Program. AMD Ryzen AI is the worldโ€™s first built-in AI engine on select x86 computers. This dedicated engine is built on the AMD XDNAโ„ข spatial dataflow NPU architecture consisting of a tiled array of AI Engine processors and is designed to offer lower latency and better energy efficiency. Such processor arrays are also found in the Versal Adaptive SoC enabling rapid development and evaluation across heterogenous architectures. This integration optimizes efficiency by offloading specific AI processing tasks such as background blur, facial detection, and eye gaze correction, freeing up CPU and GPU cycles and enhancing system efficiency. With Ryzen AI-powered laptops or miniPCs, you can develop innovative applications spanning creative solutions like media editing and studio effects or productivity solutions like Information search, summarization, transcription and so much more. Ryzen AI also caters to the gaming industry providing a platform to create real-time audio/video effects, Image enhancement, NPC Agents, RL, and Rendering applications.