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FCCM 2017

The 25th IEEE International Symposium on
Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines

Embedded Linux and OpenCL SDK for Intel SoC FPGA Devices

May 3, 2017

Intel SoC FPGA devices combine a CPU with an FPGA allowing the development of exciting new applications. In this tutorial we will look at designing such applications using the Cyclone V SoC device. We will learn how to run Linux on the device, and use its development environment to create software programs that communicate with the FPGA. Starting from the basics of memory-mapped communications, and writing kernel module drivers, we will work our way up to designing a hardware-accelerated Linux application that offloads computation to a custom circuit placed in the FPGA. We will then learn about the Intel OpenCL SDK for developing hardware-accelerated applications by writing OpenCL code. We invite anyone wishing to learn about Intel SoC FPGA devices, creating Linux applications for FPGA, and OpenCL SDK to attend.

There is a charge to attend the workshop. The charge will be $65 which will cover the cost of meals during the workshop and the attendees.