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Maxeler Open Dataflow Design Competition

The Maxeler design competition is an open-topic competition for students and researchers targeting any application on a Maxeler Dataflow Engine (DFE). Both individual entries and team entries are allowed.

A prize of $1000 plus one Maxeler Galava card will be awarded to the winning project.


Eligible for submissions are tested and working applications developed in MaxCompiler targeting any Maxeler board. The submission must include a working executable and the necessary input data to run the application and evaluate performance.

If you currently do not have MaxCompiler or a Maxeler board, we can provide MaxCompiler free of charge to universities and we can provide remote access to a development platform with Maxeler hardware. To obtain access, please join the Maxeler University program and state FCCM design competition in your enquiry. https://www.maxeler.com/solutions/universities maxup@maxeler.com

The submission must also include a document with a short description of the application. It should list the compiler version used and the target board.

Submitting source code is not required; however, including source code is encouraged as it will help us to evaluate the technical quality of the implementation.

The submission may also include supplementary material such as a video showing the running the application.

Evaluation Criteria

The project will be evaluated under the following criteria:

  • Performance 50%
  • Technical complexity 25%
  • Usability and documentation 25%

    Submission Deadline and Notification

    All entrants must be registered by 24 March 2017 (extended).

    The final submission deadline is 7 April 2017 (extended).

    The winner will be announced at the conference.

    Conference Presentation

    All submissions will be listed on the competition website. We will also invite competition participants to show their application at the Maxeler stand during the conference demo night.

    Rules and Submission Instructions

    For the official competition rules, click here.

    Please submit your entry using the following URL: https://designcompetition.maxeler.com