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FCCM 2018

The 26th IEEE International Symposium on
Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines

April 29 - May 1, Boulder, CO, USA

Information for Authors

Page Limits and Formatting:
FCCM will accept 8-page papers for oral presentation and 4-page short papers for short oral and poster presentation. Authors are encouraged to submit preliminary work using the 4-page format. This category is intended for new projects and early results. These submissions will be accepted one week later than the 8-page papers. Do not submit the same work to both streams.

All submissions are to be written in the English language and must be formatted to IEEE Computer Society Proceedings Manuscript Formatting Guidelines.
An online submission link is available on the Submission Page.

Upon submission, the names of all authors and co-authors must be entered into the on-line system. The addition of new co-authors will not be permitted after paper submission. A detailed description of the IEEE authorship guidelines and responsibilities is available here.

Review Process
FCCM uses a double-blind reviewing system. Manuscripts must not identify authors or their affiliations. Authors are encouraged to cite their own work but must not implicitly identify themselves. For example, references that clearly identify the authors ("We build on our previous work...") should be written as "This work builds on XYZ [cite]" where [cite] is the real reference. Unless absolutely necessary to maintain anonymity, do not put a "deleted for double-blind" entry in the reference section (without proper references to the prior work, reviewers will not be able to determine the contribution of the submission). In the case of widely-available Open Source software, authors should embrace the website(s) but not claim to own them. Authors should also remember to mask grant numbers and other government markings during the review process. Papers that identify authors will not be considered.

Reviewer Conflict
Authors must register any program committee conflicts as they submit their paper. Conflicts can include those that have co-authored a paper (in the past 3 years), those that have current or recent shared institutional affiliation, or other situations in which the relationship prevents a reviewer from being objective. Conflicts for all co-authors should be taken into account. Note that if an undeclared conflict is discovered, or a conflict is declared in an attempt to "game" the review process, the paper may be rejected. If you believe you may have a conflict with the program chair, please contact the program chair well in advance of the submission deadline.

Simultaneous Submissions:
Papers must not be simultaneously under review or waiting to appear at another conference or in a journal, and must not be essentially the same as any paper that has been previously published. If a paper contains text or technical content that is similar to a previously published or submitted paper, that other paper should be cited in the FCCM submission, and the differences made clear.

At least one author of each accepted submission is expected to attend the conference and present their work. Failure to present in person at the conference will result in the removal of the submission from IEEE Xplore.