FCCM 2007

The 15th IEEE International Symposium on
Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines

April 23-25, 2007

Technical Programme : Papers

Monday, April 23, 2007
Paper Session 1 : Applications I
Sampling from the Multivariate Gaussian Distribution using Reconfigurable Hardware
David B. Thomas, Wayne Luk
FPGA-Based Implementation of Symmetrical 2-Opt Moves for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Ioannis Mavroidis, Ioannis Papaefstathiou, Dionisios Pnevmatikatos
On the Acceleration of Shortest Path Calculations in Transportation Networks
Zachery Baker, Maya Gokhale
Poster Session 1
Paper Session 2 : Software Tools
Enhancing Relocatability of Partial Bitstreams for Run-Time Reconfiguration
Tobias Becker, Wayne Luk, Peter Y.K. Cheung
A Library and Platform for Bitstream Manipulation
Adam Megacz
Paper Session 3 : Systems
A Structural Object Programming Model, Architecture, Chip and Tools for Reconfigurable Computing
Michael Butts, Anthony Mark Jones, Paul Wasson
Configurable Transactional Memory
Christoforos Kachris, Chidamber Kulkarni
A Reconfigurable Hardware Interface for a Modern Computing System
Philip Garcia, Katherine Compton
Poster Session 2
Paper Session 4 : Bioinformatics
FPGA Acceleration of Gene Rearrangement Analysis
Jason Bakos
FPGA-Accelerated Seed Generation in Mercury BLASTP
Arpith Jacob, Joseph Lancaster, Jeremy Buhler, Roger Chamberlain
Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Paper Session 5 : Scientific Computing
Systolic Architecture for Computational Fluid Dynamics on FPGAs
Kentaro Sano, Takanori Iizuka, Satoru Yamamoto
FPGA-Based Multigird Computation For Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Yongfeng Gu, Martin Herbordt
Reconfigurable Computing Cluster (RCC) Project: Investigating the Feasibility of FPGA-Based Petascale Computing
Ron Sass, Will Kritikos, Andrew Schmidt, Srinivas Beeravolu, Parag Beeraka, Kushal Datta, David Andrews, Richard Miller and Daniel Stanzione, Jr.
Poster Session 3
Paper Session 6 : Applications II
Efficient Mapping of Dimensionality Reduction Designs onto Heterogeneous FPGAs
Christos-Savvas Bouganis, Iosifina Pournara and Peter Y.K. Cheung
K-means Clustering for Multispectral Images Using Floating-Point Divide
Xiaojun Wang, Miriam Leeser
Paper Session 7 : Floating Point Arithmetic
Optimizing Logarithmic Arithmetic on FPGAs
Haohuan Fu, Oskar Mencer, Wayne Luk
Generating FPGA-Accelerated DFT Libraries
Paolo D'Alberto, Franz Franchetti, Peter A. Milder, Aliaksei Sandryhaila, James C. Hoe, Jose M. F. Moura, Markus Pueschel
An FPGA implementation of pipelined multiplicative division with IEEE Rounding
Ronen Goldberg, Guy Even, Peter Seidel
Poster Session 4
Paper Session 8 : Applications III
Integer Factorization Based on Elliptic Curve Method: Towards Better Exploitation of Reconfigurable Hardware
Giacomo de Meulenaer, Francois Gosset, Guerric Meurice de Dormale, Jean-Jacques Quisquater
Matched Filter Computation on FPGA, Cell and GPU
Zachary Baker, Maya Gokhale, Justin Tripp
Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Paper Session 9 : Software Tools II
A Data-Driven Approach for Pipelining Sequences of Data-Dependent Loops
Rui Rodrigues, Joao Cardoso and Pedro Diniz
Writing Portable Applications that Dynamically Bind at Run Time to Reconfigurable Hardware
Nicholas Moore, Albert Conti, Miriam Leeser, Laurie Smith King
Mitrion-C Application Development on SGI Altix 350/RC100
Volodymyr Kindratenko, Robert Brunner, Adam Myers
Poster Session 3
Paper Session 10 : Optimization
Automatic On-chip Memory Minimization for Data Reuse
Qiang Liu, George Constantinides, Konstantinos Masselos, Peter Cheung
Scientific Application Acceleration with Reconfigurable Functional Units
Kyle Rupnow, Keith Underwood, Katherine Compton