FCCM 2003

The 11th IEEE International Symposium on
Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines

April 8-11, 2003

Technical Programme : Papers

Wednesday, April 9, 2003
Paper Session 1 : Applications I
A High I/O Reconfigurable Crossbar Switch
S. Young, P. Alfke, C. Fewer, S. McMillan, B. Blodget, D. Levi
Congruential sieves on a reconfigurable computer
H.A. Wake and D.A. Buell
Performance Analysis of Fixed, Reconfigurable, and Custom Architectures for the SCAN Image and Video Encryption Algorithm
A. Dollas, C. Kachris, N. Bourbakis
Poster Session 1
Paper Session 2 : Network Security
Implementation of a Content-Scanning Module for an Internet Firewall
J. Moscola, J. Lockwood, R. Loui, M. Pachos
Compiling Policy Descriptions into Reconfigurable Firewall Processors
T.K. Lee, S. Yusuf, W. Luk, M. Sloman, E. Lupu and N. Dulay
Paper Session 3 : Communication Techniques
Compact FPGA-based True and Pseudo Random Number Generators
K.H. Tsoi, K.H. Leung, P.H.W. Leong
Accelerating Bit Error Rate Testing Using a System Level Design Tool
V. Singh, A. Root, E. Hemphill, N. Shirazi and J. Hwang
A Hardware Gaussian Noise Generator for Channel Code Evaluation
D-U. Lee, W. Luk, J. Villasenor, P.Y.K. Cheung
Poster Session 2
Paper Session 4 : Arithmetic I
Perturbation Analysis for Word-length Optimization
G. Constantinides
Improved Small Multiplier Based Multiplication, Squaring and Division
B.R. Lee and N. Burgess
Thursday, April 10, 2003
Paper Session 5 : Device Architecture
Efficient Application Representation for HASTE: Hybrid Architectures with a Single Executable
B. Levine, H. Schmit
Issues and Approaches to Coarse-Grain Reconfigurable Architecture Development
K. Eguro, S. Hauck
Asynchronous PipeRench: Architecture and Performance Estimations
H. Kagotani, H. Schmit
Poster Session 3
Paper Session 6 : Fault Modeling and Recovery
The Reliability of FPGA Circuit Designs in the Presence of Radiation Induced Configuration Upsets
M. Wirthlin, D. Johnson, N. Rollins, M. Caffrey, P. Graham
Adaptive Fault Recovery for Networked Reconfigurable Systems
W. Xu, R. Ramanarayanan, R. Tessier
Paper Session 7 : Applications II
Gamma-Ray Pulsar Detection using Reconfigurable Computing Hardware
J. Frigo, D. Palmer, M. Gokhale and M. Popkin-Paine
Design and Implementation of a Generic 2-D orthogonal Discrete Wavelet Transform on FPGA
A. Benkrid, K. Benkrid, D. Crookes
Runtime Assignment of Reconfigurable Hardware Components for Image Processing Pipelines
H. Quinn
Poster Session 4
Paper Session 8 : Arithmetic II
Floating Point Unit Generation and Evaluation for FPGAs
J. Liang, R. Tessier, O. Mencer
Tradeoffs of Designing Floating-Point Division and Square Root on Virtex FPGAs
X. Wang, B. Nelson
Friday, April 11, 2003
Paper Session 9 : Compilation Techniques
Data Search and Reorganization using FPGAs: Application to Spatial Pointer-based Data Structures
P. Diniz and J. Park
Simulation and Synthesis of CSP-based Interprocess Communication
P. Jackson, B. Hutchings
Source Level Debugger for the Sea Cucumber Synthesizing Compiler
K.S. Hemmert, J. Tripp, B. Hutchings
Poster Session 3
Paper Session 10 : Programming Frameworks
Performance Modeling of Reconfigurable SoC Architectures and Energy-Efficient Mapping of a Class of Applications
J. Ou, S. Choi, V. Prasanna
Reconfigurable Computing Application Frameworks
A. Slade, B. Nelson, B. Hutchings