FCCM 2000

The 8th IEEE International Symposium on
Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines

April 17-19, 2000

Technical Programme : Papers

Wednesday, April 17, 2000
Paper Session 1 : Architecture
Design of a VLIW Compute Accelerator on the Transmogrifier-2
L. Zhang, Q. Wang, and D. Lewis
A Scalable, Loadable Custom Programmable Logic Device for Solving Boolean Satisfiability Problems
M. Boyd and T. Lurrabee
Configuration Caching Management Techniques for Reconfigurable Computing
Z. Li, K. Compton, and S. Hauck
Poster Session 1
Paper Session 2 : Compilation I
A MATLAB Compiler for Distributed, Heterogeneous, Reconfigurable Computing Systems
P. Banerjee, N. Shenoy, A. Choudhary, S. Hauck, C. Bachmann, M. Haldar, P. Joisha, A. Jones, A. Kanhare, A. Nayak, S. Periyacheri, M. Walkden, and D. Zaretsky
Stream-Oriented FPGA Computing in the Streams-C High Level Language
M. Gokhale, J. Stone, J. Arnold, and M. Kalinowski
Paper Session 3 : Applications I
A Reconfigurable Computing Architecture for Microsensors
S. Scalera, M. Falco, and B. Nelson
FPGA Implementation of a Microcoded Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Processor
K. Leung, K. Ma, W. Wong, and P. Leong
Customizing Graphics Applications: Techniques and Programming Interface
H. Styles and W. Luk
Poster Session 2
Paper Session 4 : Compilation II
Automatic Synthesis of Data Storage and Control Structures for FPGA-Based Computing Engines
P. Diniz and J. Park
A C to HDL Compiler for Pipeline Processing on FPGAs
T. Maruyama and T. Hoshino
Thursday, April 18, 2000
Paper Session 5 : Cryptographic Applications
High Performance DES Encryption in VirtexTM FPGAs Using JbitsTM
C. Patterson
A Bit-Serial Implementation of the International Data Encryption Algorithm IDEA
M. Leong 0. Cheung, K. Tsoi, and P. Leong
An Adaptive Cryptographic Engine for IPSec Architectures
A. Dandalis, V. Prasanna, and J. Rolim
Poster Session 3
Paper Session 6 : Programming Tools
Death of the RLOC?
S. Singh
Automated Extraction of Run-Time Parameterizable Cores from Programmable Device Configurations
P. James-Roxby and S. Guccione
Paper Session 7 : Fault Tolerance
Dynamic Fault Tolerance in FPGAs via Partial Reconfiguration
J. Emmert, C. Stroud, B. Skaggs, and M. Abramovici
An ACS Robotic Control Algorithm with Fault Tolerant Capabilities
S-Y. Yu, N. Saxena, and E. McCluskey
Tunable Fault Tolerance for Runtime Reconfigurable Architectures
S. Sinha, P. Kamarchik, and S. Goldstein
Poster Session 4
Paper Session 8 : Wireless Applications
Synchronization in Software Radios-Carrier and Timing Recovery Using FPGAs
C. Dick, F. Harris, and M. Rice
Architecture and Application of a Dynamically Reconfigurable Hardware Array for Future Mobile Communication Systems
A. Alsolaim, J. Becker, M. Glesner, and J. Starzyk
Friday, April 19, 2000
Paper Session 9 : Applications II
Implementation of Near Shannon Limit Error-Correcting Codes Using Reconfigurable Hardware
B. Levine, R. Taylor, and H. Schmit
Hardware-Software Codesign and Parallel Implementation of a Golomb Ruler Derivation Engine
E. Sotiriades, A. Dollas, and P. Athanas
An FPGA-Based Coprocessor for the Parsing of Context-Free Grammars
C. Ciressan, E. Sanchez, M. Rajman, and J-C. Chappelier
Poster Session 3
Paper Session 10 : Applications III
A Reliable LZ Data Compressor on Reconfigurable Coprocessors
W-J. Huang, N. Saxena, and E. McCluskey
EVIDENCE: An FPGA-Based System for Photon Event IDENtification and CEntroiding
M. Alderighi, S. DÂ’Angelo, and G. Sechi
Improving the Performance and Efficiency of an Adaptive Amplification Operation Using Configurable Hardware
M. Wirthlin, S. Morrison, P. Graham, and B. Bray