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FCCM 2011: The 19th Annual IEEE International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines

Salt Lake City, Utah
Conference Dates: May 1-3, 2011

Final Program

Also available in PDF

Sunday, May 1, 2011

1:30pm          FCCM Workshop
High-Level Synthesis and Parallel Computation Models
Workshop organized by:
Kyle Rupnow
, Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC), Singapore
Satnam Singh, Microsoft Research, UK
John Wawrzynek, UC Berkeley, USA

Workshop Speakers:
High-level Synthesis of Threaded Concurrency
Deming Chen

Mingjie Lin, University of Central Florida (PDF)

New Directions in Parallel Computation Models
Mary Hall, University of Utah (PDF)
Carl Ebeling, University of Washington

High Level Synthesis of Implicity Concurrency
David Bacon, IBM Research (PDF)
Hugo Andrade, Nataional Instruments (PDF)

6:00pm          Wecome Reception

Monday, May 2, 2011

8:00am          Registration Opens
8:30am          Opening Remarks
8:45am          Monday morning, Session 1:  Reconfigurable Computing
A Sparse Matrix Personality for the Convey HC-1
Krishna K. Nagar and Jason D. Bakos
University of South Carolina
Modeling Dynamically Reconfigurable Systems for Simulation-based Functional Verification
Lingkan Gong and Oliver Diessel
University of New South Wales
Mixed Precision Processing in Reconfigurable Systems
1Gary C.T. Chow, 1K.W. Kwok, 1Wayne Luk and 2Philip Leong
1Imperial College London, 2The University of Sydney
Dynamic Communication in a Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Array (short)
Robin Panda and Scott Hauck
University of Washington
Run-Time Resource Allocation for Simultaneous Multi-Tasking in Multi-Core Reconfigurable Processors (short)
Waheed Ahmed, Muhammad Shafique, Lars Bauer, Manuel Hammerich, Jörg Henkel and Juergen Becker
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
An Autonomous Vector/Scalar Floating Point Coprocessor for FPGAs  (short)
Jainik Kathiara and Miriam Leeser
Northeastern University
Hecto-Scale Frame Rate Face Detection System for SVGA Source on FPGA Board (short)
1Zheng Ding, 2Feng Zhao, 1Tinghui Wang, 1Wei Shu and 1Min-You Wu
1Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2Digilent Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.
10:15am        Poster Session I
11:15am        Monday morning, Session 2: Comparing Implementations of Applications on Different Architectures
An FPGA implementation of Information Theoretic Visual-Saliency System and Its Optimization
Sungmin Bae, Yong Cheol Peter Cho, Sungho Park, Kevin M. Irick, Yongseok Jin and N. Vijaykrishnan
Pennsylvania State University
Scalable, High Performance Fourier Domain Optical Coherence Tomography: why FPGAs and not GPGPUs
Jian Li, Marinko Sarunic and Lesley Shannon
Simon Fraser University
Architecture, Design, and Experimental Evaluation of a Lightfield Descriptor Depth Buffer Algorithm on Reconfigurable Logic
Matina Lakka, Grigorios Chrysos, Ioannis Papaefstathiou and Apostolos Dollas
Technical University of Crete
Implementation and Performance Analysis of Seal Encryption on FPGA, GPU, and Multicore Processors (short)
Kostas Theoharoulis, Haralambos Antoniadis, Nikolaos Bellas and Christos Antonopoulos
University of Thessaly
12:25pm        Lunch
2:00pm          Monday afternoon, Session 3: Applications I
Open Source FPGA Communications Framework (short)
Peter Lieber and Brad Hutchings
Brigham Young University
Efficient Calculation of Pairwise Nonbonded Forces (short)
Matt Chiu, Md. Ashfaquzzaman Khan and Martin Herbordt
Boston University
High Performance IP Lookup on FPGA with Combined Length-Infix Pipelined Search (short)
1Yi-Hua E. Yang, 2Oguzhan Erdem and 1Viktor K. Prasanna
1University of Southern California, 2Middle-East Technical University
A Scalable Multi-FPGA Platform for Complex Networking Applications  (short)
1Sascha Mühlbach and 2Andreas Koch
1Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt, 2Technische  Universität Darmstadt
An FPGA-based Optical IOH Architecture for Embedded System (short)
Ling Liu, Jincan Zhuang, Qianying Zhu, Shunyu Zhu, Zhiyuan Zhang, Xinxin Zhang, Lu Cao, Zhihong Yu, Xiangbin Wu and Dong Liu
On Comparing Financial Price Solvers on FPGA (short)
Qiwei Jin, David Thomas and Wayne Luk
Imperial College London
Low-latency FPGA Based Financial Data Feed Handler (short)
1Robin Pottathuparambil, 2Jack Coyne, 2Jeffrey Allred, 2 William Lynch and 2Vincent Natoli
1University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2Stone Ridge Technology
Design and Implementation of an FPGA-based Real-Time Face Recognition System (short)
Janarbek Matai, Ali Irturk and Ryan Kastner
University of California, San Diego
FPGA-Based Solid-State Drive Prototyping with NAND Flash Memories (short)
1Yu Cai, 2Eric F. Haratsch, 1Mark McCartney and 1Ken Mai
1Carnegie Mellon University, 2LSI Corporation
Accelerating Statistical LOR Estimation for a High-Resolution PET Scanner using FPGA Devices and a High Level Synthesis Tool (short)
1Zhong-Ho Chen, 1Alvin Su, 2Scott Hauck and 2Ming-Ting Sun
1National Cheng-Kung University, 2University of Washington
SYSCORE: A Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Array Architecture for Low Energy Biosignal Processing (short)
Kunjan Patel, Chris Bleakley and Seamas McGettrick
University College Dublin
109   A high-throughput, streaming, lossless data compression algorithm and its efficient hardware implementation
Bharat Sukhwani, Bulent Abali, Bernard Brezzo and Sameh Asaad
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
3:00pm          Poster Session II
4:00pm          Monday afternoon, Session 4: Tools
HMFlow: Accelerating FPGA Compilation with Hard Macros for Rapid Prototyping (Audience Choice Best Presentation Award FCCM 2011)
Christopher Lavin, Marc Padilla, Jaren Lamprecht, Philip Lundrigan, Brent Nelson and Brad Hutchings
Brigham Young University
Automatic HDL-based generation of homogeneous hard macros for FPGAs
1Sebastian Korf, 1Dario Cozzi, 1Markus Koester, 1Jens Hagemeyer, 1Mario Porrmann, 2Marco Domenico Santambrogio and 3Ulrich Rückert
1University of Paderborn, Germany, 2Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, 3University of Bielefeld, Germany
Using Functional Programming to Generate an LDPC Forward Error Corrector
Andy Gill, Tristan Bull, Dan DePardo, Andrew Farmer, Ed Komp and Erik Perrins
University of Kansas
6:30pm          Demo Night
Tuesday, May 3, 2011
8:00am          Registration Opens
8:30am          Tuesday morning, Session 5: Reconfigurable Computing in the Data Center (Panel Session)
Reconfigurable Data Processing for Clouds (short)
1Anil Madhavapeddy and 2Satnam Singh
1University of Cambridge, 2Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
10:00am        Coffee Break
10:30am        Tuesday morning, Session 6: Architecture and Systems
TMbox: A Flexible and Reconfigurable 16-core Hybrid Transactional Memory System
1Nehir Sonmez, 1Oriol Arcas, 1Otto Pflucker, 1Osman Unsal, 1Adrián Cristal, 1Ibrahim Hur, 2Satnam Singh and 1Mateo Valero
1Barcelona Supercomputing Center, 2Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
The PowerPC 405 Memory Sentinel and Injection System
Mark Bucciero, John Paul Walters, Roger Moussalli, Shanyuan Gao and Matthew French
Checkpoint/Restart and Beyond: Resilient High Performance Computing with FPGAs
Andrew Schmidt, Bin Huang, Ron Sass and Matt French
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Information Sciences Institute University of Southern California
FUSE: Front-end user framework for OS abstraction of hardware accelerators
Aws Ismail and Lesley Shannon
Simon Fraser University
11:50am        Lunch
1:20pm          Tuesday afternoon, Session 7: High-Level Synthesis and Tools
Multilevel Granularity Parallelism Synthesis on FPGAs  (Best Paper Award FCCM 2011)
1Alexandros Papakonstantinou, 2Yun Liang, 1John Stratton, 3Karthik Gururaj, 1Deming Chen, 1Wen-Mei Hwu and 3Jason Cong
1University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, 2Advance Digital Science Center, Illinois at Singapore, 3University of California, Los Angeles
Synthesis of Platform Architectures from OpenCL Programs
Muhsen Owaida, Nikolaos Bellas, Konstantis Daloukas and Christos Antonopoulos
University of Thessaly
Programming Real-time Autofocus on a Massively Parallel Reconfigurable Architecture using Occam-pi
1Zain ul-Abdin, 2Anders Ahlander and 1Bertil Svensson
1Halmstad University, 2SAAB AB
Towards Synthesis-Free JIT Compilation to Commodity FPGAs (short)
Davor Capalija and Tarek Abdelrahman
University of Toronto
Automated Placement for Parallelized FPGA FFTs (short)
1Suraj Gowda, 2Aaron Parsons, 3Robert Jarnot and 4Dan Werthimer
1UC Berkeley, EECS, 2UC Berkeley, Astronomy, 3Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, 4UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory
Reducing the Energy Cost of Irregular Code Bases in Soft Processor Systems (short)
1Manish Arora, 1Jack Sampson, 1Nathan Goulding-Hotta, 2Jonathan Babb, 1Ganesh Venkatesh, 1Michael Taylor and 1Steven Swanson
1University of California, San Diego, 2Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Extending Force-directed Scheduling with Explicit Parallel and Timed Constructs for High-level Synthesis (short)
Rohit Sinha and Hiren Patel
University of Waterloo
2:40pm          Poster Session III
3:40pm          Tuesday afternoon, Session 8: Applications II
String Matching in Hardware using the FM index
Edward Bryann Fernandez, Walid Najjar and Stefano Lonardi
University of California Riverside
Accelerating Phylogeny-Aware Short DNA Read Alignment with FPGAs
Nikolaos Alachiotis, Simon Berger and Alexandros Stamatakis
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies
Scalable Streaming-Array of Simple Soft-Processors for Stencil Computations with Constant Memory-Bandwidth
Kentaro Sano, Yoshiaki Hatsuda and Satoru Yamamoto
Tohoku University
Memory-Efficient IPv4/v6 Lookup on FPGAs Using Distance-Bounded Path Compression
Hoang Le, Weirong Jiang and Viktor Prasanna
5:00pm          Awards and Summary
5:15pm         Conference Ends